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16 окт 2020 19:28
Форум: SVOD3 programmer
Тема: svod 3 cannot detect after failed firmware update
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svod 3 cannot detect after failed firmware update

Change of video quality after firmware update I just got my JVC LS-300 less then 3 weeks ago and last week I did the firmware upgrade, the video output quality is very poor, and I can see hi noise on the screen when I am trying to the do the postprocessing Any one came through this problem and if th...
09 окт 2020 10:28
Форум: SVOD3 programmer
Тема: IC Not Responding
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IC Not Responding

I do not understand your question.
I think no one can help on the basis of the information provided.
Have you tried to run EventGhost with -debug options?

07 окт 2020 16:16
Форум: SVOD3 programmer
Тема: cannot read the bios
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cannot read the bios

I tried with CH341 and same results, data cannot be read. On CH341 I switched the output voltage to 5V but it doesnt help. SMBus prototol should be the same for all batteries, am I right ?