Compal LA-7912P (KBC status false) Error

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Compal LA-7912P (KBC status false) Error

Сообщение coelho2020 » 30 май 2020 02:07

I am trying to connect my board Compal LA-7912P and i am having this error "KBC status false"
I have everything connect correctly identify all pins, or GND ok. I turn on the source and then click ID button and receive this message
KBC status false.

here is my log file:
Software version date 25.04.2020
Running Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6320 CPU @ 3.90GHz
Device connected in work mode
Firmware version date 21.4.2020
ENE mode selected
check pins ok
selected motherboard Compal LA-7912P
Now plug power to the motherboard
Connecting to KBC status false

What could be?
I realy aprociate some help.
Photo of my connections (68.2 КБ) 226 просмотров